Mini - Friends for Life from GoodPeople on Vimeo.

Mini - Friends for Life

We filmed this in 20 locations over 8 nights of shooting for Sterntag GmbH and Director Bruce St Clair. We had everything from donuts in a parking lot, shutting down Hollywood Blvd, taking over a downtown city block, helicopter work, sunset driving shots north of Malibu on the PCH, roundabouts, bulldogs on skate boards, garbage man dancing off the back of a moving garbage truck, working with famous Rauno Altonen, taking over a hospital lobby to create an Emergency Room entrance, plugging up manholes to create a flooded street for splashing, loading the MIni with tons of fireworks that go off as the MIni drove through China Town on Chinese New Year, giant grafittie wall art, having a fox cross in front of the car... just to name some of the fun we had.