You get a combination of unparalleled integrity, commitment to you and your project, experience in every facet of production from massive budget feature films to tiny guerrilla style web films, and a reputation among the industries best as a Producer and Production Company they always enjoy working with. We service every type of production and can help you determine what city is the best solution for you to film your project in. One of the biggest comments Directors and Clients make is their appreciation of the departure from just the regular number crunching producer who only worries about the bottom line to the enthusiastic Creative Producer whose goal is to make the best film possible through offering solutions to enhance the finished spot. Better work means repeat business. And that is good for everyone. 

Whether you're a foreign Production Company, Agency or even Client, Good People Industries can help you get the most bang for your buck... we like to put it all on screen and have a passion for filmmaking that is refreshing and obvious once you go through the collaborative process with us.

We do not represent Directors but if you have a project that needs one, we know a few freelance Directors that are superb. If you are a Director, we have your back and can produce the job for you by providing the best crews, locations, equipment, production insurance and payroll. All you need is to bring your idea and the budget to see it through...

As a Line Producer, Richard used to (and still does on occasion) freelance for some of the best companies in our industry. This gave him the added experience of being the "client" of many foreign production service companies filming in countries all around the world. This insight has helped Richard understand what makes a good service great and what negative experiences you should never experience as a client. You can always rely on the fact that Richard knows exactly what you're going through and will do his best to make your lives easier and your job enjoyable.