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Good People Industries invites good people to do great work anywhere in the USA and around the world. With 20 years of experience in the commercial, feature, new media and documentary world, we provide you with impeccable Production Services to help facilitate your creative vision. 

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Michael Bay, Samuel Bayer, Daniel Benmayor, Christian Bevilacqua, Benjamin Blank, Fredrik Bond, Jordan Brady, Mac Carter, Oliver Castro, Drake Doremus, Jesse Dylan, Ron Eichhorn, Roderick Fenske, David Fincher, Jeffrey Fleisig, Larry Frey, Olivier Gondry, Jeff Goodby, Michael Grasso, Chris Hooper, David Horowitz, Vicky Jenson, Norman Jewison, Janusz Kaminski, Russ Lamoureux, Robert Logevall, Christian Loubek, Noah Marshall, Alastair McKevitt, David McNally, Brett Morgen, Alan Munro, Matt Ogens, Stuart Parr, Adam Pertofsky, Sam Raimi, Evan Silver, Eliot Rausch, Pete Riski, Mark Romanek, Lino Russell, Marc Schölermann, Patrick Sherman, Barry Sonnenfeld, Bruce St Clair, Yael Staav, Geordie Stephens, Simon Stock, Aaron Stoller, Laurence Thrush, Angus Wall, Jon Watts, Cole Webley, Charlie White, Clay Williams, Jason Zada, Edward Zwick


Anonymous Content, B-Reel Films, Biscuit Filmworks, Chelsea Pictures, Company Films, Die Brüder, Distrito Films, Elastic, Fools and Horses, Furlined, HKM, Locksmith Content, Markenfilm, MJZ, Moving Target, Omaha Pictures, Paranoid US, Pecubu Productions, Propaganda Films, Rebel Media, Rebolucion, Rock Fight, Rock Paper Scissors, Serial Pictures, Smuggler, Sons and Daughters, Sterntag, Superlounge, The Sweet Shop, Tool of North America, über content.

Featured Recent Collaborations

MINI "Bullheaded" • Sterntag • Director: Bruce St Clair • DP: Ottar Gudnason • Los Angeles

Good People Industries

Good to know...

Richard Berman was born in South Africa and immigrated to Texas with his family when he was young. After studying film at UT Austin, Richard followed his calling by moving to Los Angeles where he has amassed an impressive list of commercial, music video, film, television and multi media credits and has been to 31 countries around the world. Over the past 20 years, he has worked with some of the commercial world's top directors such as Sam Bayer, Fredrik Bond, Mark Romanek, David Fincher and even Jeff Goodby. His creative instinct along with his organizational and people skills make him an asset to every project. Richard's calm demeanor, even in the most intense situations, make him a favorite with directors, clients and agency alike. However, get him telling you about his African Horse Back Safari's and his family, including two beautiful twins, that he dislikes being away from for too long and he loses his calm and gets very excited.


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